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    Right Turn-IMPACT is here to help you get your life back.
  • Get your life back
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  • Right Turn-IMPACT changes lives every day.
    Right Turn-IMPACT changes lives every day.
  • Legal consequences? Right Turn-IMPACT can help.
    Legal consequences? Right Turn-IMPACT can help.
  • Right Turn-IMPACT helps people get free
    Right Turn-IMPACT helps people get free -- every single day.
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Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Right Turn-IMPACT

Are you struggling with substance abuse?

Have you been arrested for a DWI/DUI?

Take action now. Call 410-581-4900.

Right Turn-IMPACT is an established and reputable drug & alcohol rehab. Our addiction treatment & recovery programs specialize in education, treatment, counseling, and recovery alternatives for people suffering from alcohol/drug abuse and addiction.

For those facing legal consequences as a result of drug and alcohol related matters, we are widely recognized by the court system as a leader in treatment alternatives. We offer state-certified and MVA-approved programs and 24-hour supervised residential services in our private and secured facility. Our comprehensive residential services and treatment programs provide affordable alternatives to expensive treatment centers.

You are not alone.

Did you know that 10 percent of all American adults consider themselves to be in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse problems? National survey findings indicate that there are nearly 24 million American adults who are overcoming a battle with drugs or alcohol that they once considered to be problematic.

Think about it. Millions of people, every single day, are experiencing and enjoying recovery. What some thought would be an awful experience of hating life and white-knuckling through existence without alcohol or other drugs instead found themselves enjoying life at new and unprecedented heights.

A new life is possible for YOU.

The truth is that recovery is possible for anyone who is willing to take certain steps to find their way out of the chains of active addiction. Instead of constantly struggling through a life that has been robbed of purpose and meaning, you can get your life back and discover all the stunning benefits of clarity and success.

Addiction Treatment & Recovery

You can live the life that you’ve always dreamed about. At Right Turn-IMPACT, we help people find that kind of life every single day. Why wait any longer? Be bold. Make the call today to start on the epic journey of recovery. Affordable and effective addiction treatment and recovery starts here.

Right Turn-IMPACT is well known as the most affordable and effective residential recovery and treatment program in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Why wait any longer? Get your life back.

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